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Soccer Aloud is the iPhone app that speaks to you. Listen to football websites with Soccer Aloud.

Soccer Aloud is the iPhone app that speaks to you.

Listen to football websites with Soccer Aloud.

Don't read the football news, listen instead.

If you're commuting, exercising, or you're tired, you can still catch up on your favourite football websites.

Soccer Aloud will read the web to you.

It even works offline.

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“Manchester United 3-0 Hull City.
Red Devils cruise to home win.”

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Juventus vs Roma

Shakira, Gerard Piqué, and Lionel Messi

Manchester United vs Hull City

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The best soccer news and opinion demands to be heard!

The Soccer Aloud app in an iPhone

Soccer Aloud from Callionica is the iPhone app that reads you football news with an English accent.

You visit your favorite soccer websites in Safari then share them to your Soccer Aloud timeline to save them on your phone.

In the Soccer Aloud app, you can see your timeline with all your saved articles. Just tap on one to have it spoken aloud. Even if you don't have a network connection.

When the app has finished reading one article to you, it'll read the next, and the next...

Listen to the best soccer writing on the web

A screenshot of Soccer Aloud showing the Safari extension

There's a lot of fantastic writing about the beautiful game, but sometimes text just doesn't cut it. When you're working out or falling asleep, listening to a website is easier than reading it.

Soccer Aloud from Callionica can read many of the popular football websites you already know and love.

Soccer Aloud recognizes the parts of a web page that form the main story and reads just those to you.

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The iPhone app that reads football websites to you

Soccer Aloud from Callionica is the iPhone app that can read football websites aloud.

Soccer Aloud is a universal app, so it's also an iPad app and an iPod touch app. The Soccer Aloud app for iOS can read you football news sites, soccer blogs, sports commentary, and footy opinions from the web. You decide which soccer sites or footy blogs you want to listen to when you add pages to your Soccer Aloud timeline using the Safari web browser.

You can also add content to Soccer Aloud from the Chrome web browser, or from any iPhone application that can share URLs. You can see a couple of examples of how to share web pages to Soccer Aloud in our Soccer Aloud Videos on YouTube.

Soccer Aloud works best with longform content like detailed football articles, in-depth soccer analysis, interviews with players, blog posts by football fans and lots of other great football writing that you can find on the web.

Use Soccer Aloud for reading aloud football websites (not instructions for building a bridge), because we've designed Soccer Aloud for football fans. We use error-correction and have a goal of matching a human reader which makes Soccer Aloud great for listening to football websites and not so good for learning how to perform surgery or other life-critical tasks.

The iPhone app that converts soccer websites in to speech

If you're asking yourself "Is there an app that can read web pages to me?" or "Is there a way to listen to a web site?", the answer is "Yes! Download Soccer Aloud from Callionica for iPhone".

Soccer Aloud app converts text to speech, but it's not your everyday text-to-speech app. Unlike a typical TTS app, we have Alan, the brains of Soccer Aloud. He pulls web pages apart, breaks the text down in to atoms, and analyzes the meaning of each sentence so that he can read the webpage to you.

The secret sauce in Soccer Aloud is proprietary, custom-written code for analyzing text. That's what allows us to give Alan the ability to recognize the content in a web page and turn it into great sounding audio speech.

Alan is so advanced that, like human speakers, he can actually correct errors as he reads. He can ignore typos for example. Soccer Aloud makes stylistic choices to give Alan fluent speech so that the app sounds lifelike when he's reading. Alan can expand abbreviations or use contractions when they sound better. He can change the order of words when he reads. Imagine how football scores or soccer match results would sound if you actually read them in the order they're written - no human speaker would read them to you that way and neither does Alan.

You probably won't even notice the changes because it sounds more like a person reading to you. As a soccer fan you'll expect many of the changes Alan makes when he reads - they're designed to give you natural sounding speech.

I speak with an English accent, but my first language is Football.

A portrait of Alan, the cat that reads you the football news

I'm a big fan of the Premier League. I know how to pronounce Ajax and Schweinsteiger and Man Utd. I know about the FA and UEFA and FIFA and MLS and Bundesliga and so much more.

I recognize scores and formations. And I know top football teams and soccer players, including English football teams and Major League Soccer teams. I'm really looking forward to the Women's World Cup.

My name's Alan. I'm on the ball and I know the score.

Is Soccer Aloud your favourite app for football fans?

If Soccer Aloud is one of your favorite apps for soccer fans, let your friends know about it too. Soccer Aloud is a great way to share your love for your club. Tell your friends about Soccer Aloud so that they know how tech savvy you are. Got a mate that supports your team's local rivals, let them know you heard about your club's most recent famous victory on Soccer Aloud. Leave a review on the App Store. Post links to the articles you enjoyed hearing on Soccer Aloud.