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Soccer Aloud Benefits

Be more productive

Catch up with the football news while you commute, workout, or do chores

Don't lose time to the less enjoyable parts of life. With Soccer Aloud, you can turn that time to good use. Listen to football news, analysis, and opinion with Soccer Aloud. It doesn't matter if your hands, eyes, or brain are occupied. Soccer Aloud pushes football through your ears.

Enjoy websites in a whole new way

Make the written word come alive

Soccer Aloud takes written text and reads it to you. It actually converts text to speech. Now that's just cool. And it's not some crazy robot voice either. Soccer Aloud reads you football news with the voice of an English gent. And he'll read you the popular newspaper, TV, and sports web sites you already know.

Listen any time, anywhere on your phone

Leave heavy & unwieldy newspapers, books, and magazines behind

You've probably only got two hands to start with. Don't waste them carrying dead trees. Load up some articles in Soccer Aloud, stick your phone in a pocket, and move easily through the world. Don't worry about needing a network connection. Soccer Aloud lets you save articles on your device and reads them back to you even without a network connection.

Designed for you

Soccer Aloud knows football like you do

Soccer Aloud knows a lot about football. OK, maybe not as much as you, but this app is no dummy. We've got a ton of smarts in the app for recognizing and pronouncing teams, players, managers, scores, odds, and more. Yep, we've got the Premier League teams covered. Sure, we know about MLS. That's just the start. If you find another app that can pronounce Bundesliga teams correctly, let us know. And because we know what we're doing, when Saturday comes, you will too.

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