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Free Yourself with Soccer Aloud

Soccer Aloud is the iPhone app that speaks the language of football. It reads football websites to you. We built Soccer Aloud to make you free. To give you the choice about how, where, and when you get the football news.

Soccer Aloud is designed around 3 freedoms:

Freedom to listen to your heart

You love your club, you're passionate about football, you know where to get the match info you crave. Don't be limited to reading about your obsession. Explore a new dimension with Soccer Aloud and listen to articles from sites you know and love.

Freedom to discover the world

You already know how great it is to listen to the radio or podcasts when you're exercising, travelling, doing chores. It's time to explore a whole new world of audio news and entertainment. The best football analysts write. Don't leave their knowledge locked up as text. Listen to that experience with Soccer Aloud. Unlock their football wisdom. Get access to it in a format that works for you.

Freedom to move

You're on the go. Don't get tied down: tethered to a network connection, dependent on a data allowance, tormented by flaky, shaky wifi. Free yourself with Soccer Aloud. Listen to football news, analysis, and opinion even offline.

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