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Welcome to Soccer Aloud from Callionica!

I'm Alan. You can share articles that are in your Soccer Aloud timeline to Twitter or other apps and services. Keep listening and I'll guide you through the process.

Want to try it?


If you've followed the instructions in "How to Add Items to Your Timeline", you should have the World Cup final match report from The Guardian in your timeline.

Or maybe you've already downloaded another article you want to share.

Hold your finger down on that article until the activities menu appears.

Do you see the menu?

If not, wait a little longer.

Got it?


The Activities menu consists of three sections.

The top section is for AirDrop.

The bottom section with monochrome icons is for actions.

The middle section with colorful icons is for sharing.

We're interested in the middle section of colorful icons.

Do you see the middle section? You might see icons for Message, Mail, Twitter, and Facebook. It depends what apps you have installed and what activities you've enabled.

That middle section is actually a horizontal scrolling list.

If you drag it to the left, you might see more items.

Drag the middle section of colorful icons all the way to the left now.

Keep going until you hit the end of the list.

Now you've seen all the sharing activities that are enabled.

Do you see a monochrome icon in the same row as the colorful icons?

It's a button with three dots that's labeled "More".

If you know that you have an app that supports sharing, but you don't see it in the list, you could tap on the More button to enable it.

We won't do that now. I'll assume that you want to share to Twitter and that Twitter is already enabled.


To share to Twitter from Soccer Aloud, you just tap the button for Twitter.

Try it now.

You should see the sheet for composing a tweet.

Do you see it?


I've linked the tweet to the article and entered the article title in the text box for you.

You can also see that I've added a hashtag for you: #SoccerAloud

This will make it really easy for you to find articles that other users of Soccer Aloud are sharing. You'll know that those articles will sound great in Soccer Aloud.

To send the tweet to your followers, tap "Post".

Do that now if you want to share the article with your followers.

You can see that it's easy to share articles from Soccer Aloud to Twitter.

You just hold down on an article until the menu appears, tap Twitter, then tap Post.


You can share articles from your Soccer Aloud timeline to any apps that support sharing URLs.

Have fun sharing articles from your timeline.