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The Soccer Aloud "Listen to Football" Links Page

There are so many great footballing sites and the Soccer Aloud app is a great way to listen to them, so we've made a page with links to some of the major sites for football news, analysis, and opinion.

If you're a relatively new soccer fan, you might find this list useful as a quick way of finding worthwhile football writing to listen to. This list is by no means complete and there are so many sites that we love that we haven't listed here (particularly sites dedicated to specific teams) that it's not even funny.

Consider this a semi-random sampling of larger sites that cover football. It happens to mainly feature sites with worldwide soccer coverage or with writing that is specifically aimed at US soccer fans or football fans in the UK.

We plan to expand our selection of sites over time, so check back here for updates. And if you know of a site that you want to appear here, tweet a link to it from the Soccer Aloud app and we'll see about adding it in a future update.

Women's soccer/women's football has a link page too.