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Top 6 Reasons to use Soccer Aloud on Your Commute

Soccer Aloud lets you listen to the web. It reads aloud to you web pages that it has saved on your iPhone or iPad. You don't need to use hands, eyes, or a network connection to use the app when you travel, so it's one of the best apps for commuters. Because it lets you listen to stuff you really want to hear, we highly recommend it for people who commute. Who wouldn't prefer to listen to footy news and catch up with their football club instead of wasting that commuting time?

Here are the top 6 reasons to use Soccer Aloud on your commute:

  1. Tubes, Tunnels, and Bridges

    If you're stuck in the bowels of the earth or you travel across water on your commute, there's a good chance you don't have the best network connection. With Soccer Aloud, it doesn't matter. Load up some content before you leave home and you can listen to it on your trip. No connection required.

  2. Standing Room Only

    Maybe you use public transport in a large metropolitan area (London! Manchester!) and you can't even get a seat. It's kind of hard to get stuff done when you're hanging from a strap or gripping a pole. Soccer Aloud is designed so you can start it and it'll just keep going. When Soccer Aloud finishes speaking one article, it'll just move on to the next. No interaction necessary.

    If you do manage to free one hand for your phone, you'll find that Soccer Aloud can be easily controlled with a single thumb.

  3. Cozy Confines

    Crammed in to a tiny seat? Tired of hitting people with your newspaper or nudging them with your elbows? Soccer Aloud lets you free up your hands and regain your personal space. Relax and listen.

  4. Motion Commotion

    If the motion of a vehicle nauseates you, it can help to look out the window and focus on the horizon. It's hard to read when you're looking out the window, so listen instead. Soccer Aloud lets you listen to web sites that you would normally read, so it frees up your eyes to concentrate on the horizon or just take in the sights.

  5. Daybreak

    Start your day at the crack of dawn? Sometimes wake up bleary eyed and muzzy headed? (No judgement from us — we're not morning people either). Don't miss out on the news. Catch up with your team on Soccer Aloud.

  6. Nightfall

    Coming home late from work? Don't waste your commuting time just because you're too tired to read. Relax and listen with Soccer Aloud.

Whatever your commute is like, Soccer Aloud can make your trip more enjoyable. Let us know if you've found any other reasons to use Soccer Aloud on your commute.