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Soccer Aloud 2.0 Coming Soon

Soccer Aloud is the app that lets you listen to football websites.

Version 2.0 is feature complete and waiting for Apple to review and accept the new version to the App Store.

We've made a lot of changes to the app since version 1.0 was released, but above all we've focused on the quality and fluency of the speech. That makes Soccer Aloud an awesome app for footy fans. With Soccer Aloud, you can take websites with great content like or and listen to them instead of reading them.

We've worked hard to keep it as simple as possible for users of the app, so this is an "iceberg release" with 90% of the work hidden below the surface. You will notice that you can read as well as listen to the articles you save, you'll surely notice the user interface changes that make the app more visually appealing and readable on iPad, but you probably won't notice the thousands of customizations that make it as easy as possible for you to listen to websites of your choice. We've broadened our recognition of teams and players from Europe and the US, and added depth to our understanding of the Premier League and lower leagues in the UK, including new player names for recent transfers.

We think that Soccer Aloud is a great way to keep up on all the football news and we hope that you'll agree. And there's no better time than now to tell your friends and followers about the app: Soccer Aloud is free in the store right now and Soccer Aloud 2.0 will continue to be free to all users.